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Tax Debt Management is a specialist tax negotiation and settlement service. We deal with over 100 tax cases every year worth over $20 million dollars annually. Our focus is on restoring the relationship between the Australian Taxation Office and Australians with tax arrears. Tax Debt Management negotiate WIN:WIN tax debt solutions. If you need help to solve your personal or business tax debt problems, we will assist you and return you to good financial health with your tax arrears resolved.


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Clients Testimonials

After struggling with addiction I came into years of tax debt. I found tax debt management online and they helped in every way possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone struggling with tax debt as they have so much knowledge and are a great support .. I could not thank them enough for everything they have achieved for me. My family now have a future with this huge burden lifted off our shoulders. Thank you again Imran. I am beyond grateful for everything you have done.


I still can’t believe the result achieved for me by Tax Debt Management. I owed the ATO nearly $150,000.00 in Income Tax and GST but was in no position to repay at all… TDM were true professionals and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their tax debt matters.

Imran secured a hardship deal with the ATO which meant that my arrears were totally written off – I will be grateful for this for the rest of my life.