Didn’t lodge your BAS on time?
Avoid late lodgement fines!

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) takes exception to this behaviour and can hit you hard with late lodgement penalties and fines. The larger your business the heftier the fine.

Contact us immediately as ‘Failure to lodge on time’ (FTL) penalties increase every 28 days if ignored, and we may well be able to get you off the hook.

What can you do about Business Activity Statement default?

Of course if you know ahead of time that you won’t be able to lodge, it's best to contact the ATO the due date. But if that time has past then contact us and we'll talk to them on your behalf. We can often have your penalty waived and organise that you will be given an extension of time in which to lodge.

Even if you have already received a BAS FTL notice it may not be too late for us to negotiate an extension of lodgement. If you have unusual circumstances, let us know as this will also help us to obtain an extension for the lodgement of your activity statement.

Talk to us immediately, as time is of the essence and the circumstances which led to your late BAS lodgement may warrant a remission of the penalty.